Personal Independence Payment

Disability Living Allowance will be replaced by Personal Independence Payments

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will be paid to you if you're very ill or disabled and have trouble getting around or need help with day-to-day living. It will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA). PIP will be paid to people aged between 16 and 64.

According to the Government's own impact assessment over half a million people will no longer be eligible for help with their disability needs. It is estimated that 428,000 people will no longer be eligible for the equivalent of the higher rate mobility component. If you presently take advantage of the motability scheme click here to see how you may be affected by the changes.

If youíre already getting DLA, your claim wonít automatically be transferred to PIP - youíll have to make a new claim.

When will the changes happen?

Check how Personal Independence Payment (PIP) affects you.

For more details the DWP have prepared a toolkit which explains the assessment criteria, gives examples of forms/letters etc.

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